Shalakyatantra is defined as branch of an Ayurveda which deals with diagnosis and management of diseases that occurs above the clavicle. Viz. Diseases of eyes, ears, nose, throat, head and neck. Since this specialty deals with narrow and delicate parts of body, it requires various specialized instruments for diagnosis and treatment. Hence, the term Shalaki is used for the specialists of Shalakyatantra.


Shalakyatantra Department works under 3 major categories and in domains like Ophthalmology, ENT & Oro-Dental sciences.  Department has developed the concept of speciality and taken up the task of individual OPD with specialized consultants for Ophthalmology, ENT & Oro-dental sciences.


Netra chikitsa: Ophthalmology Department (Netra Vibhaga) has come up with the successful treatment for Myopia, Hypermetropia ,Astigmatism ,Allergic conjuctivitis, Dry eye syndrome ,Diabetic retinopathy, Hypertensive retinopathy, Central serous retinopathy, Macular degeneration, Glaucoma and many more related to the Eyes will be screened to provide the best eye care to the needful.

We performed Kriyakalpa in netra roga chikitsa:

  • Netra Kriyakalpa These are local ocular therapeutic procedures used to preserve the health of eye and help to treat diseases intending to provide better vision.
  • Akshi tarpana and putapakaA unique procedure of application of medicine to the eyes which relievs pain and eye strain in people who work on computers; Protects the eye from degeneration due to aging process or due to diabetis and hypertension; gives palliative care in retinitis pigmentosa and retinal conditions.
  • AschyotanaThe instillation of few drops of medicine into the eye is called Aschyotana which is adopted asa line of treatment in all eye diseases, relieves pain, irritation and foreign body sensation, excessive watering, burning sensation, redness .
  • Netra parisekaA therapy of pouring the medicine on the closed eye in the form of stream  in stye, chalazion, and in conditions with rednedss and discharge from eyes.
  • AnjanaA technique in which medicine is applied in the form of collerium planned in conditions like degeneration, pterigium .
  • Pindi and VidalakaIn Pindi medicine is packed in the cloth and is kept over the eyelid. Vidalaka is a procedure of application of medicated paste to the outer surface of the eye lids. The therapy give smoothening effect in burning sensation, discharge, watering, swelling in the eye, redness and foreign body sensation concerning the eye.
  • Eye exercisesSpecial eye exercises form a part of treatment in refractive errors.
  • PadabhyangaApplication of oil to the feet followed by massage when done routinely improves the vision and relaxes the eyes.
  • Karna, nasa gala roga and shiroroga : Ear, Nose,Throat and Head

ENT is concerned with the detailed evaluation of ear,nose and throat . ENT department (Anya Urdhwajatrugata Roga Vibhaga) has come up with the successful treatment of  Ear conditions like hearing loss (Deafness),Tinnitus, pus discharge,(CSOM), ear ache, nasal problems like Rhinits, Sinusitis, Epistasis , Nasal allergy, Throat conditions like Tonsillitis, Pharingitis, Change of voice and Vertigo are handled routinely.

Regular evaluation of migraine, cluster headache, stress headache, trigeminal neuralgia are done and effective treatment is practiced in this centre.

The conditions like Dandruff, Hair fall (Alopecia), early graying of hairs are managed in very efficient way.

We performed kriyakalpa in Karna,Nasa,Gala ,Shira roga:

  • NasyaMedicaments are instilled into the nose to treat conditions of head and neck region. an effective therapy in various headfaches, nasal allergies, sinusitis, frequent attacks of common old benificial in hair fall and graying of hair.
  • Kavala and gandushaProcedure of holding the medicines in the buccal cavity with or without gargling. A sure shot therapy in hypersensitivity of tooth, ulceration of mouth, gingivitis,;useful to strengthen the teeth and gums and to maintain the healthy status of the moth.
  • Dhoomapana: Smoking for a medical purpose using a specially designed instrument aims at treating sinusitis, common cold and thrat problems.
  • Karna puranaThe procedure of dropping the medicated oil into the ears. A unique therapy recommended for those who work in noisy environment and use mobiles for long hours. Effective in reduced hearing , ringing sound in the ear ad many more conditions affecting the ear. Strengthens the nerves of ear and improves hearing.
  • Karna dhoopanaUnique  soothing and relaxing therapy  where  fumigation of the ears with herbs is done specially in frequent ear infections with discharge and itching.
  • Shiroabhyanga, shiropichu, shirodhara and shirobasti :

The treatment plans for headaches, scalp and hair problems which  strengthen the hair roots. Also planned in disease of Head like headache of various causes.


Oral cavity and Dentistry : Oro-dental department (Mukha & Danta Vibhaga) has come up with the successful treatment of tooth , gums and mouth likes in  Recurrent stomatitis, Oral sub-mucosal fibrosis, Halitosis and various dental diseases etc

We performed kriyakalpa in Mukha and Danta roga chikitsa:

Gandush and Kavala: In Ayurveda there are two methods mentioned.
1. Kavala/ gargling, swishing the liquid in the mouth (pulls out toxins)
2. Gandusha/ holding the liquid in the mouth without any movement (lubricates) . It has been recommended as one of the practices to help improve oral health. This procedures used in various orodental disorders.