The Surgical practices were at their Steepest advances during 600 BC where the first Surgeon of the World pioneered in the field of Surgery : Sushrutha.

The Department of Shalya tantra aim at delivering the knowledge through the team of excellent faculty trained both in theoretical cognition as well as practical skills and advances in the field of Surgery.

We strive to exploit every opportunity to make the unhappy patient to happy patient by serving the best quality of treatment (surgical or medicinal) with full effort and the best knowledge of good educated doctors and paramedical staff.

In Pioneer Ayurvedic hospital we performed traditional  Surgeries like

  1. Ksharasutra bandhana, Pratisharaniya kshara in Arsha (internal & external piles), Bhangandar ( fistula in Ano), Parikartika( fissure)
  2. Agnikarma in Kadar ( corn), vatakantak ( calcaneous spur)
  3. Raktamokshana in shiragranthi (varicos vein, DVT), various skin disease
  4.  Lekhana karma in keloid like disease
  5. Ropana in diabetic foot ulcer
  6. We also perform modern surgery like:
    • open and close haemorrhoidectomy in haemorrhoid
    • Sclerotherapy in internal haemorrhoids
    • 3.fistulectomy & fistulotomy in Fistula in Ano
    • spincterectomy in fissure
    • excision of all type of lipoma. Abcesses, breast abcesss
    • sac inverse and jaboulay methods in hydrocele.

The Department as a whole has a well equipped OPD in Pioneer Ayurvedic hospital attached to the Institute. A well equipped minor and major Operation Theatre. Male and Female Surgical Wards to accommodate Male and Female patients separately.